Low carb Avocado ice cream

This incredibly easy avocado ice cream recipe takes just 10 minutes. Even better, there's no added sugar The texture is thick and creamy, obviously cold, and the most important part, delicious. There’s really no reason not to enjoy this recipe as a healthy alternative for ice cream whether it’s for a snack or after-meal dessert. … Continue reading Low carb Avocado ice cream

Miso soup using Shiritaki noodles

There’s no more relaxing than to make a warm soup when it’s cold and rainy outside. Heres comforting dish that you can enjoy during the rainy season traditional Japanese soup with low carb noodles (Shiritaki). WHAT YOU NEED 2 (200g) Shiritaki Noodles (3 Servings) Instant Miso Soup (Paste) Nori (I use regular and wasabi flavored … Continue reading Miso soup using Shiritaki noodles

Keto Strawberry Ice Cream

Take advantage of having strawberries at home with this simple, but creamy strawberry ice cream recipe. Cream, cream cheese, and fresh strawberries burst with every bite. WHAT YOU NEED All purpose cream, Cream Cheese, Natural Stevia, Strawberries Hersheys Lite Syrup WHAT TO DO Mix Fresh strawberries, 1 box of all purpose cream, 4 sachets of Natural Stevia, and … Continue reading Keto Strawberry Ice Cream