A Beautiful Mess

It just happened, all of a sudden, someone pop into your mind for no reason you can't think of. As if there is a strong energy directed at this person that you must hear from him/her. Like pieces of puzzle you want to put together, Maybe you saw a post that triggered a thought. Maybe you … Continue reading A Beautiful Mess

The End Game

They say that the good thing when you hit rock bottom is that the only way to go…is up. To those who have reached the lowest point of life, it will take a whole lot of struggling to come back ashore. Once you reached the end point, can it be any worse? We all have encountered a … Continue reading The End Game


Did you ever had the feeling when suddenly your heart starts racing, chest pounding, and you find yourself restless and gasping for breath, a feeling like your mind is detaching from your physical body? You want to scream on top of your lungs but you cannot utter a sound. Even simple tasks like showering and … Continue reading Insanity