What is a Dad?

                              From a a traditional standpoint, the father's responsibility is to be the breadwinner, providing the basic needs of the family financially and emotionally, being the disciplinarian, the role model, protector. Modern day fathers have a different roles now because of … Continue reading What is a Dad?

Like a Rocking Chair

When I was young, I kept a journal with inspirational quotes. Little did I know, up to now, the morals that it taught still instill within me. I am still fascinated reading human interests short stories and anecdotes mainly because I never had the patience to finish a novel. Usually I am mainly just interested … Continue reading Like a Rocking Chair

One of them days

I give myself a pep talk whenever I start my day.  I make a list of things to accomplish, try to keep an organized schedule. I make a mental note on what bills are due and if there are sufficient funds, dinner plans and the lists go on. But things don't always go the way … Continue reading One of them days

Don’t do Something that you’ll Regret Tomorrow

Now that it's summer, to those who are disciplined enough to maintain a clean diet, work out regimen, the time has come to flaunt the body they worked hard for all this time. Hiding the bulges with the oversized sweater won't be necessary. Summer barbecues, fishing, swimming, outdoor activities means that wearing tank tops, shorts, … Continue reading Don’t do Something that you’ll Regret Tomorrow