A Question of When

What's happening in the world now, is like watching a post-apocalyptic movie scene, where you are protagonist and instead of zombies, you were being chased by a virus.  The movie which we are hoping for a twist to the story, that there is an alternate ending to which the main characters are spared and everyone … Continue reading A Question of When

Back to reality

As the long stressful/restful holiday break comes to a conclusion, we look back and reminisce on all the good tidings, food and celebrations that we had. Now that it's over, we start facing the reality, after all the decorations are put up, all the presents are unwrapped and shoved into your bedroom closets. Facing the … Continue reading Back to reality

Life Happens

There are days that we succumb to our fears, we give up before the battle starts. Stress becomes overwhelming that we don't have any motivation in our cells. You dread doing the monotonous 9-5 job and living paycheck to paycheck and the cycle continues. Everybody struggles and have problems, each of us carry an invisible … Continue reading Life Happens

A Beautiful Mess

It just happened, all of a sudden, someone pop into your mind for no reason you can't think of. As if there is a strong energy directed at this person that you must hear from him/her. Like pieces of puzzle you want to put together, Maybe you saw a post that triggered a thought. Maybe you … Continue reading A Beautiful Mess

The End Game

They say that the good thing when you hit rock bottom is that the only way to go…is up. To those who have reached the lowest point of life, it will take a whole lot of struggling to come back ashore. Once you reached the end point, can it be any worse? We all have encountered a … Continue reading The End Game