• Easy Tofu and Bok Choy Stir Fry


    In search of a healthy dish that is easy to make, I stumbled upon this simple stir fried recipe with ingredients that are already in the pantry. The main ingredients are Tofu and Bok Choy or you can use string beans or any greens of your choice.

    The sauce is made up of combination of honey, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and vinegar that gives out the right balance of flavor and spice.


    3 cups chopped baby bok choy

    19 ounces medium firm tofu

    2 tbsp soy sauce

    2 tsp apple cider vinegar

    2 tbsp corn starch

    2 tsp sesame oil

    1 tsp ginger

    1 tbsp onions

    2 cloves garlic

    2 tsp olive oil



    Pat dry tofu, Cut tofu in cubes.

    In a bowl, combine soy sauce, corn starch, vinegar, sesame oil and evenly coat tofu.

    Heat the olive oil in a wok over medium heat, Gently pan fry tofu until brown. Set aside.

    Using the same wok, saute garlic, ginger and onions

    Return the tofu to pan and add bok choy

    Transfer to plate.



    4 tsp soy sauce

    4 tsp honey

    1 tsp ground pepper

    1 cup water

    2 tbsp corn starch

    In saucepan, combine the corn starch, soy sauce, honey and water

    Bring to boil until thickened.

    Pour the sauce over stir fried tofu and bok choy.

    Serve hot over rice.







  • Dream Cake Craze

    79E300F7-89E3-421A-AF7D-A71302FF07F38D6DD977-2850-4248-A9C4-A1DCA56AF87DA Feast to the eyes and palate, the ultimate Dream cake in tin can is a must try for chocolate lovers.  Indulge with layers of gooey decadent sweet chocolate with right amount of sweetness that will send a burst of sensation as you taste it’s melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness.

    The desert is packaged in a tin can perfect for gifting that is dusted with semi-sweet cocoa powder or topped with chocolate bits or nuts. It has layers of moist chocolate cake ganache and smooth chocolate  pudding.

    Why not try this drool worthy Dream cake everyone is talking about. For more information: #Hael’sKitchenetteDreamCake

  • Unrequited love

    E0B52123-E402-4993-889B-0E7DDBD02CAC.jpegYour rugged looks and rustic charms is what drew me to you. Like a moth to a flame, the taste of your lips is an addiction to me. Your stares would always give a fluttering in my stomach.  The simple touch of your hand sends a signal all over my spine. Your caring ways makes me feel special . I would like to have the courage to admit that I had love you since day one. I still remember how your embrace is  comforting like a safe shelter on a rainy day. When I’m with you, my whole world seems to be on a stand still. Your imperfections what made me fall in love with you even more and more.  I would have still be loving you silently from a far even if you were near. But I had stopped praying that there would be an us. To be in love with the person of your dreams is most beautiful and yet saddest thing when you know the relationship would never  be real.  I should’t be feeling the madness that I have for you. My heart still skips a beat when ever I stare at my phone . My heart secretly long that one day I will receive a text with your name on it. Your my escape, away from reality. A drug and an obsession. A secret fantasy that I wish I could runaway, just me and you.  My love for you will be a faded memory washed away from the distant shore in the passage of time.

  • Should’ve beens

    BF958BFB-3178-4B49-A4AE-8A899C990601.jpegWe all had our fair share of lost love and heart breaks. Do you still remember how it is to be young and in love? When nothing else can come between you and the person you love? First loves.

    There are times when I think about us. Where there times how you envision what a perfect date would’ve been.

    Rekindled romances…I don’t know if it will be meant to be. Would passion be the same as first? Would the spark of familiarity still ensue? . Will part of history still repeats itself?

    So you search his/her name on Facebook. As you browse his/her profile.

    What was left was an emptiness.

    There were reasons why I didn’t hear from you, of course  the timing wasn’t right, we had to pursue our dreams.  You have to own your responsibilities.

    If only we were meant to be.

    The recurring dream I have was that of you being on the end of the aisle waiting for your bride. Her face glowed as she looked at her dashing groom. When you kissed a part of me wish I was her.

    I remembered how you always love to have kids.

    You may have a kid or two by now. They will have the same bright eyes and your smile. I wish they were mines.

  • In the night sky

    537A42B0-216E-480F-B754-A9BE5D7BA4A6.jpegI met the love of my life when I was in my early teens. If every person has one soul mate, I believe we were destined for each other.  Love’s truest form was connecting with your spirit and mind. Whenever I close my eyes, I still see your face the day we met.  You are the man of my dreams.

    I didn’t care who was staring as we giggled and danced awkwardly at the dance floor. Being with you at the senior prom was the highlight of my high school life. It was funny because neither of us knew how to dance. I can still remember the fun night we had.

    We used to see each other in campus a lot, although our eyes don’t usually meet, just side glances. I belong to a writing club and was ecstatic when you walked through the door and joined the club. We became instant friends just like that. You always tease me and tell me that my jokes are corny, but you laugh anyway. There wasn’t a dull moment and I looked forward to every waking day that I get to see you.

    There were days after school where we just hang out and at the park and just talked about what we are going to do after college. I liked that you didn’t find my dreams silly.  You described your ideal mate as someone whose traits are like mine. I didn’t know If you really meant what you said or just your crazy antics to make me blush. Our relationship has no labels, and we didn’t care because we were enjoying what we had was special.

    I heard from a mutual friend that your mother had passed. After high school, we lost touch. You left without saying goodbye.

    I always thought that growing old with your soulmate is the best things that can happen in life. We were so much alike. We were both stubborn and reckless. We were both  goal-getters.  I am that person you believed in when I didn’t believe in my self. You knew me more than I know myself. You accepted my flaws and details. I hated that you left. It was a part of me that was crushed when you went away.

    I still stare at the night sky hoping that you are also gazing and watching the same sky with me.







  • The Love That Never Happened

    You came in the right moment when I was down, I needed someone to talk to. As if you knew that I needed you. You shared your intimate thoughts with me, your aspirations and your frustrations.  I am looking forward to the day when our paths will collide, which is next to impossible.

    I could get lost staring at your dark brown eyes and feel as if the the clock stop ticking. Your voice is of a soothing sound, the kind that refreshes the soul after a long day. How can I ever forget your perfectly tousled hair and your infectious laugh?

    There is no sadness when we were together. Being with you, brings out the best in me. The thought of you comes to my mind whenever I hear a romantic song. You are the person I always imagined that I will end up with. So  I thought.

    The idea of you is that of perfection, unblemished by reality. The what-ifs, and should’ve been and the whys of an almost relationship keeps me longing for more. The thought of you still brings an excitement I cannot contain.

    I will never know if the feelings were ever mutual. You send me mixed signals that I could not comprehend. Reality hits that there will be no answers and closures to this insanity.

    Why is the love that never happened is hard to forget? How can you miss the mouth you never kissed, the hands you never held, the love that never existed? The relationship that never came to actualization?

    To a love that has no beginning and no ending, The idea of you will remain preserved. In a parallel world, our lines will never ever meet.  Somewhere, in this time, you exist, in a distant memory, there you remain.


  • YOLO


    In the age of millenial craze and madness, who doesn’t know  what YOLO stands for. The phrase which is popularized by the singer Drake, stands for “You Only Live Once.” It is similar to carpe diem concept which means to seize the day, which I think doesn’t give out the reckless vibe.

    Does this YOLO mantra applies to a simple everyday life? Do we dare think out of the box and out of our comfort zone? Enjoy life to your heart’s content as to act on a whim in which people may say, ” Are you out of your mind?”

    Instagram influencers and you tube sensations make us believe that their life is perfect with all the luxurious trips, possessions and all that fortune can buy. To an average Joe, we can’t give in to the impulsiveness like there is no tomorrow. We live vicariously through the exotic island vacation posts that we see in social media and dream one day we can be able to afford one.

    I believe there is a fine line between  living within your means versus affording your lifestyle. An extravagant vacation that is  carefully planned and saved for is something that you don’t get to do too often. An all expense paid trip is more relaxing, not worrying about an insurmountable debt, is worthwhile than an expensive trip to Paris.

    We all for once had drooled over a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel purse or Gucci patent shoes. I am following a fashion blogger,recently, she posted her designer shoes and purses collection. Some of the followers took her display negatively and commented that she is a show off. The blogger replied that she splurges and also purges as well and sell the items she doesn’t need. To the public eye, it is too extravagant to have different colors of the same style of shoes and outfit. To her defense, what she does as an insta-blogger, having variety of outfits and accessories is what their job entails. While everyone is entiltled to their opinion, everyone has a different story to tell. Bragging is always a recipe for envy, jealousy and discontentment.

    I still like having branded shoes, accessories and leisure trips, budget permitting (which it never does!) I used to be obsessed with a certain brand that every time there’s a sale, I could never get enough. Like an addiction withdrawal, the urge to acquire more things that I don’t need, took a lot of self-control. What is excessive shopping to others maybe an outlet to someone who is overwhelmed with everyday stress. I learned that although it is nice to have material things, it is not the gauge of happiness.

    It is natural to enjoy the small and big things without having guilt and regret. Everyone has a different situation in life and we should live our own not theirs. We only live once and a life that is shared and enjoyed to the fullest extent is a life well lived in my opinion.

  • When silent treatment is not so silent


    Do somebody you know ignores you or gives you the cold shoulder for no apparent reason? I am so guilty of these. I sulk & keep things to myself to avoid confrontation and drama. As a millennial lingo describes it:  You is petty and you is extra!

    What is sulking? According to Longman’s dictionary, to sulk means to be silently angry and refuse to be friendly or discuss what is annoying or upsetting you. Giving someone the silent treatment screams attention. It may be your friend, parent, child, significant other or co-worker, the list goes on. Your text messages are unseen or deliberately ignored. It doesn’t take much to notice that someone is ignoring you or avoiding eye contact. The sulker wants you to feel invisible, like you don’t exist or matter. Then you think if there’s something you might have did wrong or said for them to avoid you like a plague.

    What triggers us when we give people the silent treatment? When things don’t go our way, instead of discussing the problem, we remain in a perpetual state of bad mood. We  stubbornly think we are right, refuse to compromise. We want the other person to feel that they have wronged us or did something that we do not approve of.  More than the sullenness, we tend to shut out and avoid any human contact.

    What do we do in situations when we are given the silent treatment? The worse that we can do is to also give them a taste of their own medicine. When we give them the upper hand if we give in to what they want… To feel guilty and miserable…

    Give them space. Time will heal everything as the saying goes.

    Pause and Think.  There are words that you blurt out not to be disrespectful, but the tone and manner you deliver it, may have a negative connotation. There is a right timing and place for these kind of conversations.

    Be calm…Do things that you normally do .Don’t get affected by the situation. Try not to overthink.

    Reach out.  You did your part even if they choose to ignore you.

    Be kind, be sympathetic. You don’t know what their going through.

    Action speaks louder than words. Let them know you genuinely care by showing sweet gestures.

    Be open and honest.  Repressed emotions lead to stress and anxiety.

    Let go of the pride. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Learn to accept the shortcomings of person involved.

    When in doubt, always choose love.

    Although we sometimes have the urge to use the silent tactic when dealing with our own problems, we should be aware of the consequences it may bring. It is liberating to be free of the heavy heart, restless mind and soul.

    Have you ever dealt of being in these kind of situation before? I would like to hear your thoughts or experiences in the comments section.

  • On Rants and Vents

    I have read a lot of articles regarding positivity, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality in search for help for my anxiety issues. One of the articles that I read was that ranting or venting is healthy way of airing out frustrations.

    Have you ever felt a moment when your heart starts beating fast that it feels like its about to burst open? That your chest starts to rip apart and you don’t have any control over your emotions anymore. You start to snap at and yell at people. Your judgements become cloudy and you want every one to leave you alone at that precise moment. Its like nothing the heck matters anymore.

    I still don’t know if I am experiencing hormonal changes (PMS), panic attacks, depression, stress, or anger issues. Or from the daily spiritual warfare we encounter everyday. When I had these episodes, it is usually triggered by an event, what somebody said or done that make you want to strangle the person ( if you know what I mean)

    Thankfully, these episodes don’t last long. Sometimes it last for a week or so. This time it only lasted a day. Sleeping and isolation usually does the trick for me, but this time I woke up restless and heart pounding even faster.  Being in social media for lengthy periods of time only made it worse. I could not focus on reading scriptures either. The calmness came only after the warm shower and cancelling the noise in my thoughts.  God was trying to teach me something, I just didn’t paid attention on what the lesson was about.

    I am myself again. I don’t want to be that person who clumsy, unfocused, detached from the world. Its like the earth start revolving again and its not only about myself anymore. Its about God’s grace that continually nourishes my soul to be more compassionate and understanding. I have to constantly reassure myself that these issues will come back, and I cannot handle it alone.

    Ranting is healthy because it makes you evaluate your thoughts before you act accordingly to your feelings. It has a negative effect too when you complain long enough without getting to a solution. Being angry and sad are normal feelings too that need to be vented out to achieve balance.

    What are your tips in staying sane when your feeling down? Does ranting publicly or writing help too? I would like to hear your opinion on these. Please leave a comment below.

  • “Me time”

    Here you are nearing your forties, you feel as if your life is drifting away. You are still living from paycheck to paycheck, you struggle to meet ends meet for your family and those who are depending on you.

    You still have dreams, to better your life, to live comfortably with a modest income that suits your lifestyle for now.  No matter how hard we try to have security, what lies ahead in the future still remains bleak.

    Your family and relatives depend on you. On your capacity to provide. They take advantage because you are giving. They ask for more of what they can get from you. You don’t get appreciated. It becomes your lifelong responsibility to be there for them.

    Your children, spouse, and family’s welfare comes first. You put their needs first before your own. You perform your duties as a spouse, a parent to your children, a daughter/son caring for the elderly parent without any hesitation.

    In the process of putting others first, your body and mind suffer the most neglect. You feel the most guilt if you sneak a time for yourself, or if you eat the last piece of brownie. You become vulnerable, you want to scream until you don’t feel anymore pain.

    You can’t give something that you don’t have. If you don’t be compassionate to yourself,  you won’t be able to give yourself to the people who needs you. Taking care of your well-being and giving yourself time to process and identify all your emotions.

    Give yourself some time for de stressing, a foot spa, a invigorating massage, a mani-pedi, a new haircut, reading a good book, taking a hiking trip or doing something to focus on your health and mind can really do wonders and boost your self-worth. Give God our gratitude for His infinite blessings and pray to ease our heartaches.


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