• Thankful for my 1st World Problems

    2FA0BA4D-17C4-428D-BFEB-DD5999843AECIn this strange, uncertain times, can we still be grateful for the unpleasant things that are happening to us? When we see one bad news after another, we question, will it ever end or will our lives be ever back to the way it was pre- covid 19?

    It is sad when you are unemployed in this time. You feel worthless. You want to work but you are afraid to go out because of being afraid to contract the virus. There are horror stories of family members getting the virus and dying from it. Most people who got it survive, but there are cases, that they are still getting reinfected. Some experts say that your body can build antibodies from the virus through proper nutrition. Some people are not caring anymore and stating that it is a conspiracy, there is no need for masks and that they need to move on with their lives.

    The problems as we view from our perspective is valid,  Our opinions may not be popular, but it is not a contest on who is right. The more I say my problems out loud, how I am inconvenienced with this whole ordeal, he more I sound silly and absurd.

    Sometimes I feel upset that the car broke down, or that there is poor internet connection, the bathroom and kitchen needs updating, walls need repainting or furnace needs fixing.  It only means we have a home, a mode of transportation and source of income. It is a privilege because most people in the world don’t have basic necessities . I should not feel entitled because I have the same rights as anybody else.

    Before I complain, I tell myself, if it could get worse, it can get worse, but it can also get better.

    I can find creative ways to use my time and be realistic with my goals. I can have days that I disappoint my self because I am expecting to much and downward spiral to a full blown nervous breakdown.  I can seek for help. I am not alone in this battle.

    I am not comparing myself with others who are thriving, while some are being productive cooking, exercising, planting and being crafty, there are others who are mentally unstable or emotionally bingeing on their feelings.

    I have hope that I can go back to work and can take absolute precautions to stay safe. I can lend a helping hand, not be a part of the problem.  I can pray, I can share, I can love and not be arrogant or hateful. As we are navigating into turbulent waters, we can give others grace and understand that we are all trying to make sense of everything.

    I feel sad that my son has a learning disability, and is already behind with peers of his age. But I can be thankful that he is high functioning and that home schooling and distance learning is doable while dealing with the unknowns. As a parent, I can help satisfy his physical needs by keeping them safe, with nourishment, spiritual and emotional guidance and support.

    There are children, who before the pandemic has no access to education, clean water, let alone live in a safe environment. It is tragic that some children are abused or neglected. Some cannot read and never used a computer. Nobody choose to live in dire conditions.

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are kids who have everything, Some kids are born rich, smart, creative and imaginative. 

    Some don’t have any kids or don’t want kids. Some cant have kids because of several reasons that they are unable to have them.

    We all have our unique lives to be lived.

    I cannot have a blind optimism on what is happening because the reality is the whole world is suffering in different ways and coping the best way they can. There are people are afraid but have to no choice, but to be brave due to hunger and poverty. There are people in countries where there is corruption, war and no quality healthcare.

    If we compare our problems, no one really wins.  Some people have seem to have bigger problems but they not showing it, or are they so used to it that it don’t seem to bother them anymore.?

    Life is a gift and death is still inevitable.There are people who are in pain or is already sick. People who are grieving or have had lost a loved one.

    We can choose gratitude over fear. We can be thankful for the small things like waking up even though we woke up hurting or we don’t feel good, most of the time.  We still woke up and have a another chance at a new day.

    With all the struggles we are going through right now, we don’t know all the answers but we can be certain that we can trust our Heavenly Father to give us the strength to overcome the problems as they come.













  • Karma Chameleon

    I can easily hold a grudge, when someone berates, belittles or take advantage of me. I get mad when after all the good things and service I did for this person, I am being accused of being an ingrate. When you are the one who is in need, they will have excuses not to help, or your request will be only in “seen” mode.

    When a person owes you money, the borrower seems unaffected it seems. As time goes by, you will eventually forget the debt, might as well consider it gone. There is no sense of loosing sleep over a debt that has no chance of getting repaid. Everyone is struggling and  we should be thankful that you are not the one who owes someone. Being in debt is a huge responsibility and we don’t want to be in that position.

    We can also be in debt to our family, friends, bosses when they give something that doesn’t involve money.  When a co-worker lends a helping hand even when not asked to, we would like to return the favor by being kind. Do we suck up to our bosses, when they give us a raise? When you are given a second chance, we try to prove our worth by giving our best. We are forever indebted to our beloved parents for giving us unconditional love.

    We repay people that we love and respect with equal or not more. We give them our unwavering service and loyalty. After all, they deserve and earn our love.

    They moment the tables turn, would we treat the people that we love differently? After all I did for you, this is how you repay me? We feel arrogant and our ego gets in the way. After all the years, would we bite the hands who feed us the moment they do us wrong? Are we ungrateful if we don’t get the promotion or raise that we deserve? If they betray us, would we turn away, or will we forgive?

    Sometimes, we think that if people treat us unfairly that they should also be feeling the hurt that you feel. We judge people based on their intentions and what they do. We don’t know what is going on a person’s head but we get mad anyway. We wish them to fail because they failed us.

    As the saying goes: “Revenge is the dish best serve cold”. Another quote is that “Karma has no menu, that you get served what you deserve.”  But do we really want bad things to happen to people who wronged us? Anger sometimes get the best of us. We should’t wish bad luck to anyone.

    If the people who we trust abuses and mistreats us, do we hit them back? “According to Matthew 5:38, “But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” We pray for those who do us wrong. I read about a mother who forgave the terrorists who hanged his son. They all had become witnesses to his son’s faith. What unwavering faith of a mother to forgive.

    We get worried when we circumstances don’t seem to be on our side. We can’t truly comprehend what the big picture is. I get anxious the minute things become uncomfortable. I am reminded that fear is a tool by the devil to limit our hope. Fear is the opposite of faith. God is our refuge.

    If life was fair, we get what we deserve.  We have secret and unknown sins that we are not proud of. We have impure and vengeful thoughts. We can never do enough good deeds for us to be loved by God. Jesus bore all our sins, and we can never repay what He did for us.  His grace is sufficient and is His power is made for our weakness. Grace is indeed the opposite of karma.


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  • Plot Twist

    It’s another day of struggling. Ruminating thoughts of doom are playing on repeat. When will it end? The future is getting dimmer by the minute. Thank God we are still getting by. Our sanity is hanging by the thread. Where are we getting next months payment for our rent? As our debts keep piling up, we are willing to do just about anything to survive, begging this nightmare to stop.

    The truth is we still have to work to earn a living. Life goes on, but this time, each time we make a step, we are more cautious. The establishments that are strong before the pandemic are now temporarily closed and some of them are going bankrupt. The ones that are still open are essential businesses.  What is in high demand now are items like canning and preservation, safety supplies and even firearms . Hard to find are PPES, disinfectants, vitamins. It’s still supply vs demand, we cannot control the prices of commodities. We feel that we are paying more and the products are overpriced. . Going outside to get food and supplies is now a challenge. We have to keep our guard up. We can’t take any chances.

    We keep playing worst case scenarios in our head. We hear horror stories of how people catching the virus, end up with a scarred lung, or on a ventilator. Even worse, you hear about those who’s lifeless bodies are forgotten, because unfortunately, they didn’t having the option to resuscitate because of unforseen circumstances. Those who survive will get a insurmountable hospital bill that will send you to back to the hospital due to a broken heart. You are preparing your last will and testament and hope that you have a life insurance that is enough for the loved ones that are left behind.  Nobody signed up for getting sick. What if I get sick? what if I bring the virus to my family? to other people?

    What if I cannot afford to pay my bills? What if the grocery stores ran out of meat? The hand sanitizers, the vitamins are flying off the shelves. Cleaning and disinfecting supplies are overpriced. We think there is a conspiracy and that only the fittest will survive.What if, because of this lack of basic commodities, people will resort to crime and stealing. Paranoia sets in. It’s a scary situation. Do we have no other choice but to accept the lesser evil?

    It is not in our plan to be laid off.  That we will no longer afford the high health insurance rates that is already unaffordable to begin with. I thank God that we don’t have to use it, but if we do I hope God will give us the strength to overcome whatever hardships we face.

    I pray more when I am panicking. Sometimes, I let my emotions control my decisions, without thinking it through. I have doubts and guilt.  Did I do the right thing over and over.God help me do the right thing. I whine when things doesn’t go my way.  Am I righteous enough that, I deserve the good things in life? Maybe God is directing me but I am not listening? Is my heart already hardened and numb?

    I feel sorry for myself, I think I have failed over and over, I thank God for second chances, to be able to bounce back after you fall multiple times. When things are doing great, I forgot to pray and thank Him.  I am thankful that God is not giving up on me.

    Our God is a just and merciful and compassionate God.  He promises that He will take care of our needs even before we ask for it. He forgive us when we are unworthy, because of the precious blood of Jesus. ” If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”-Luke 11:13.

    We try not to  judge our neighbor, we try to do the right thing, when nobody’s watching and we try to accept when things when it doesn’t go our way, as it should be. Often times , I doubt and fail. When things are not going like we planned it, I blame it on situations that I can control, I blame everything.  Pride dims my sight.

    There is nothing for free, everything comes with a price. We think people are getting free stuff. We think we deserve things that others have. Those who are eligible are getting unemployment benefits. We think it’s unfair that those  abled bodies who didn’t work a day in their lives are receiving government support. I feel sad for people like me that are not eligible for unemployment benefits, but I accept what the law entails. I feel entitled to have things because I think that I  deserve it because as a law abiding citizen, I paid my dues, but it doesn’t go that way. I feel sorry for those who worked hard but barely getting by, and still are at risk by working because there is no other choice. I pray for those who are hurting right now. The uncertain time brings about the biggest challenge in our lives. We pray for the people in the government to be God fearing.

    As anonymous quote goes “Modern Slaves are not in chains, they are in debt”, if debt wasn’t in the equation, people will think more rational.  The truth is we live in a fallen world. We never win on this endless hamster wheel. .We will still find life unfulfilling, until we find a job that will give us purpose, until we found that right person we like, until we have enough. The more, I trust in my own capabilities, the more I realize that I am leaning towards the idols of my life. Until we surrender our dreams, goals to the one true God, He will guide our way through all the plot twists and turns, through the hills and valleys, for He is who He is.

  • “Good job”

    I never stop telling my son “good job” whenever he accomplish an ordinary routine or simple task like remembering to brush his teeth without any prompting, answering his homework independently, finishing his dinner plate, swallowing bitter medicine, keeping basic manners and saying his graces.

    How would you feel if somebody told you that “You are doing a good job, “You are appreciated or “Thank you for your service”? When you hear kind words ,it makes your heart blush and it is good to know that what your are doing is making a difference to someone’s life. It makes you want to do more or do your very best.

    In times of crisis, It is a blessing to have a job that pays the bills. It is also a blessing to be of service even when we are not getting paid. It means that we are able, we have a sound body and mind, we are capable of lending a hand. We have a purpose.

    Being safe at home, we are keeping our family well-nourished physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We are at wit’s end struggling to balance our checkbook, not knowing when we will be able to join the workforce again, preparing a healthy menu, or just doing our best to manage the household while trying not having a meltdown.

    We may be staying home, but we can send comforting messages to a friend who is grieving a lost family member, someone who just tested positive for the virus, a burned-out co-worker, an anxious friend who just filed for unemployment. Would it make us smile if our neighbor, left a kind note at our doorstep? We are already making an impact by keeping a sound and open mind so we can offer ourselves to someone who needs prayer and assistance.

    We shouldn’t take for granted our children who are being a good sport while juggling online learning, playtime and newly-assigned chores. To the housekeepers, life coaches, mask sewers, bakers, freelancers, farmers, accountants, the volunteers who donates their time or money for a good cause, the social media entertainers, the writers, influencers, artists, the researchers, the scientists and vaccine developers and all who are working behind the scenes, we realize their importance more than ever.

    To the employers, understanding enough to keep their employees, while taking a direct hit themselves, to the shoppers who are supporting small businesses to keep their livelihood and the economy going, the food pantry workers, to the pastors devoting their time and sharing the the word online, the police officers keeping the peace, to the bankers, chemists, the engineers and IT folks, to those who are giving free online workshops, the keyboard warriors, the zoom/distance learning educators that are so understanding and hard trying not to laugh at the parents who are coaching behind the scenes, you all matter and your work is not in vain

    The grocery workers, delivery people, postal workers, drivers, garbage collectors, maintenance workers who are also exposed to the elements everyday, the caregivers, healthcare workers, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, medical examiners, cleaning and cook staff, your work is remarkable. It takes a lot of will power to get up and do the job knowing that your health, physically, emotionally and mentally is at risk the moment you step out of the door. It keeps us grounded knowing that what we do affects people directly and indirectly.

    By saying “Good Job”, as if our life depended on it, will make a difference. To the overwhelmed, over fatigued, tired, worried, your words might be the only thing that will keep them afloat and keep on. Doing something small is extraordinary and inspiring to someone who needs it. It might be a lesson that we need to remember on a ordinary day or a not so ordinary time like this.

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