• Anti-social media

    EA566E03-D56F-4474-8528-05EB3D4BA354.jpegFor someone who be on social media a lot, I think it should not consume majority of our time. It has indeed become a part of our daily life. Our day is not complete without check what our facebook friends’ status.

    It has become an addiction for me and a stress reliever. Not knowingly, what is does is create an cycle of doing nothing, a mindless repetitious scrolling looking for something that would be interesting. We become a victim of comparing ourselves with someone’s highlight reels. If people would be mindful what they post, it will be different, I said in my head.

    The beauty of social media is that we can be anyone we want to be. We pretend to be someone we are not. We can portray on social media a life of fantasy and excitement.  That is social media, it is not our reality. It’s purpose is for only for entertainment.

    What we see in some posts are unrealistic, an idealized filtered version of themselves. For some people, seeing these posts can have a negative effect because it can be depressing and can bring low self esteem.

    When we present ourselves positively, do we like to seek validation? If we share our misfortunes, do we seek sympathy? Or are we just overanalyzing stuff? What are our motives in posting? Are our posts trying to say that we are better or more successful that our peers?

    Are we truly happy for our peer’s achievements or do we get bitter? We don’t see their struggles, we don’t hear their complaints. We shouldn’t judge a person on social media by what they post or don’t post. We shouldn’t take things seriously. (Which is what I am doing by writing this article, LOL)

    What I am trying to say that, viewing things differently from a positive perspective will bring a change in our mindset. Social media will be here for a long time. Trying to filter who we follow and what we see in our newsfeed would be good for our well-being.




  • In search of the perfect gift

    FA9082B6-98BE-4E86-8475-FAE9B4993BC9The most wonderful time of the year can be the most dreaded time to most people. Trying to plan the perfect thanksgiving and holiday meal can be a daunting task. Picking the perfect table centerpiece that will match with your table setting can be arduous when you are working with a tight budget with zero craft skills.

    The holidays are fast approaching.  A sumptuous holiday meal surrounded by a festive decorations such that featured in the magazine cover, sounds like a perfect holiday dream. Tradition dictates that holidays should be lavished with expensive gifts  surrounding a tree. Can we truly enjoy the holidays without forking a ton of money on gifts and food? Not everyone can afford an extravagant meal on holidays.

    As we are prepping for the gift giving season, it can pile us a lot of debt if we are not careful. Why do we we give gifts? Do we give because we expect to receive something in return? We put a lot of thought in our gifts, because we do care of the recipient. Giving gifts doesn’t have to be stuff or material things. May it be a card or a simple gesture, a phone call that reminds us that we are being thought of.

    Everyone has different way of celebrating the occasion. The holidays are supposed to be a joyous occasion. But it can bring feelings of isolation and anxiety because of unmet expectations. It can bring sadness because of a loss of a loved one, health concerns or money issues.

    What I remember most during these time are the smiles and laughs during family gatherings and occasions. Opening gifts with your name on it are just an icing on the cake. I do remember the enticing aroma of homemade meals, the warmth of hugs and anticipation of the wonderful memories yet to come.


  • The Trending Graham De Leche

    Aisley’s Sweets

    Have pastries perfect for anyone who love food. These baked goodies make great present for any occasion, but it also works just as well for everyday treats.

    For today’s post I’m featuring their  trending Graham de Leche

    The perfect dessert for all occasions

    Get the best of both worlds with this variation of the popular Filipino dessert Leche flan and Graham ref cake.

    with that evenly distributed cloud meringue cream that surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

    For more information you can easily contact them through Facebook page Aisley’s Sweets


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