• For bitter or worse

    808749B9-6E5C-4E31-BA25-68FE887070CF.jpegRelationships are hard. There are moments when you are on cloud nine. When you both agree on almost everything and there are days you are not even on the same page, not even on the same book!  Even the slightest inconvenience annoys you. Your beliefs and goals doesn’t seemed to be aligned anymore, You feel that your feelings doesn’t matter, to someone who used to be your world.

    It is not your fault. It is never your fault. You loose your self trying to please them. Pride tells you that you are not wrong. You hate it when someone criticizes when you are just barely making it through the day. Appreciation would’ve made someone’s life bearable. But you never get that pat on the back. Of all the things you have did right, what is remembered are the things you didn’t do. An apology would’ve been nice.

    You try to compromise and be open minded. Sometimes you feel that your voice seemed unheard. You feel that you are doing more than your share in the relationship. It is more work that it becomes stressful. Your give everything you got,but it is not enough. Until you just loose it. You just loose it.

    Expecting a little too much or better to lower your expectations, I learned to accept the realities.  That you will be hurt by the same person that you Love the most. You feel numb that the tears doesn’t even make any sense anymore.

    You hate this feeling. Of not able to control the situation.  Of breaking down over and over again. There comes to a point that you are both tired and overwhelmed. When everything is happening all at once. You try to be the strong one but sometimes, you get disgusted. Your heart get broken to little pieces, itty bitty pieces.

    The moment you will realize that this feeling will soon pass and the cycle continues until you break it. Or until someone gives up.

  • Life Happens

    DBED2F35-0B06-4803-BE16-3C42B3BB1D6B.jpegThere are days that we succumb to our fears, we give up before the battle starts. Stress becomes overwhelming that we don’t have any motivation in our cells. You dread doing the monotonous 9-5 job and living paycheck to paycheck and the cycle continues.

    Everybody struggles and have problems, each of us carry an invisible load. It is so quick to tell somebody who had encountered a traumatic experience to lighten up and think positive because we don’t know what they are going through. We act tough until something devastating happens to us. We all have been through a difficult stage in our lives. We shouldn’t judge anybody period.

    When we focus on the negatives, our outlook in life becomes dimmer. What and who we listen to on the daily basis affect our thinking. We surround ourselves with people who can be our tribe, who have the same aspirations and will build each other up.

    Life becomes so overwhelming when we want to accomplish everything all out once. When we prioritize unimportant things that drains us mentally, emotionally and physically. We need to focus on life, work, balance and sanity to avoid chaos. Finding a outlet to de-stress should be in our to do list also.

    Life happens when we are busy making plans as the saying goes. We can’t really be prepared with unexpected events. The inevitable still happens whether we like it or not. While we are able, we try to keep up with the things that we can control. If we know our time on earth is limited why not we love harder and treat each day sacred as if it our last? Chase our goals like it’s nobody’s business. There would not be time to worry and wallow.

  • Wild goose chase

    4A76218D-1087-485A-ACC5-F9E13E60760ADo you ever had that one thing you that you desperately wanted more than life itself and you know that it will be hard to achieve.  Something that would fill the void inside of you and will make you feel “complete” May it be having the latest gadget or having the latest trend purse that you save every penny to buy.

    Social status and peer pressure dictates what is the norm of what you should be doing in right now. As you scroll down social media, you read about a lot of self-improvement talks, about how to’s : mindful living, minimalist mindset, organizing you life, hustle like a millionaire, parenting the right way, traveling hacks, keeping your mental health in check and the lists goes on.

    Browsing the internet, looking at your peers excelling in every aspect in life, makes you wonder, if you are doing something wrong or you have chosen the wrong field. Just looking at the innocent post about the achievements of your friend’s children, makes you think that your parenting is not right or if you should try harder to get to what they should be doing at their grade level if not more.

    Are we behind in life if we are not performing what the norm tells us to do? Waking up early in the morning, eating low carb breakfast, doing meditation, packing your kid’s bento lunch with cut-out heart shape veggies and fruits and preparing a gourmet dinner. By mid thirties, we should have kept a healthy lifestyle, running a 5K, having a creative hobby.  While these are nice goals to keep in mind, the things that we do or don’t do shouldn’t define our worth.

    We strive hard to be what we want to achieve in life not because of what the Joneses are doing. We all have different roles, gifts and nobody should feel ashamed of what we did or what we have accomplished. Our life would be less complicated if we are not pressured to be some version of ourselves that is not real. At our own pace, we could pursue goals that are meant for us and be grateful for the outcome.

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