• Affirming Self-Positivity in a Negative World

    863C2325-CC7C-405B-A4BD-4C0835C71A33.jpegWe made it!  We can make it through  another week, another day, another hour, another second. We are conquering our demons, our fears one baby step at a time. For someone who just had been through one of the lowest point in their lives one point or another, I think we both deserve a pat on a back.

    What exactly are affirmations? According to dictionary.com, It is a form of self-forced meditation or repetition. It is a mantra that we assert and we want to believe to be true in our lives. The main purpose is to provide encouragement, change a bad habit, to help achieve your best self. It is focusing on the positive outcome to reach your potential.

    Lately, Ive been struggling to find motivation. I have been reading and searching for inspirational quotes that will uplift and alter my anxious state. It seems like I have to drag my feet to get out of bed, to get a jumpstart during the week. Stressing and worrying seems to get the best of me. No matter how many positive thoughts and sayings that I read, it still didn’t make me change my thought process.

    What I realize is that these affirmations are only effective if you believe in that they can work in your life.  These are the personal goals that are first pictured in your mind and then put into action. It maybe wishful thinking, but with a realistic goal that can be attained. Having a positive mind frame have a huge impact in our decision making process.

    There are a lot of negative thoughts that I daily struggle with. These are the small wars in our minds that we fight within ourselves.  Every battles no matter how big or small,we can conquer them.  Small things such as getting out of the house, finishing a chore, crossing out a to do list is an achievement for some. Our mountains to scale and climb maybe different to others but it doesn’t lessen your potential to overcome the hurdles.

    Some of my favorite mantras are:

    Love yourself-your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being is very important

    Keep moving forward – Walt Disney

    Challenges make me stronger as a person

    I am content with my life-my relationships,  my job, myself

    I see myself as a work in progress.

    “I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. – Helen Keller

    I nourish my body with healthy food, exercise and healthy thoughts.

    I am unique.

    I am enough.

    I am worthy.

    God loves me unconditionally.


    Do you have any positive affirmations that you like to share? I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments. Stay positive!

  • Unrequited love

    E0B52123-E402-4993-889B-0E7DDBD02CAC.jpegYour rugged looks and rustic charms is what drew me to you. Like a moth to a flame, the taste of your lips is an addiction to me. Your stares would always give a fluttering in my stomach.  The simple touch of your hand sends a signal all over my spine. Your caring ways makes me feel special . I would like to have the courage to admit that I had love you since day one. I still remember how your embrace is  comforting like a safe shelter on a rainy day. When I’m with you, my whole world seems to be on a stand still. Your imperfections what made me fall in love with you even more and more.  I would have still be loving you silently from a far even if you were near. But I had stopped praying that there would be an us. To be in love with the person of your dreams is most beautiful and yet saddest thing when you know the relationship would never  be real.  I should’t be feeling the madness that I have for you. My heart still skips a beat when ever I stare at my phone . My heart secretly long that one day I will receive a text with your name on it. Your my escape, away from reality. A drug and an obsession. A secret fantasy that I wish I could runaway, just me and you.  My love for you will be a faded memory washed away from the distant shore in the passage of time.

  • Should’ve beens

    BF958BFB-3178-4B49-A4AE-8A899C990601.jpegWe all had our fair share of lost love and heart breaks. Do you still remember how it is to be young and in love? When nothing else can come between you and the person you love? First loves.

    There are times when I think about us. Where there times how you envision what a perfect date would’ve been.

    Rekindled romances…I don’t know if it will be meant to be. Would passion be the same as first? Would the spark of familiarity still ensue? . Will part of history still repeats itself?

    So you search his/her name on Facebook. As you browse his/her profile.

    What was left was an emptiness.

    There were reasons why I didn’t hear from you, of course  the timing wasn’t right, we had to pursue our dreams.  You have to own your responsibilities.

    If only we were meant to be.

    The recurring dream I have was that of you being on the end of the aisle waiting for your bride. Her face glowed as she looked at her dashing groom. When you kissed a part of me wish I was her.

    I remembered how you always love to have kids.

    You may have a kid or two by now. They will have the same bright eyes and your smile. I wish they were mines.

  • When complaining is a good thing

    42524838-03BA-450E-BF49-E4E88FC0C7FB.jpegThere are times when I feel that I am just surviving. Sometimes I complain about being always, exhausted from work. Not having enough time to catch up on my favorite tv series. I get distracted by my cluttered house. I get easily upset dealing with difficult people. Sometimes even the slightest uncomfortable feeling bothers me. I do complain…a lot. Well, nobody likes listening to a negative Nancy!

    The list goes on, long lines at the cashier, traffic jams, unpredictable weather, a flat tire. Ordinary things that can happen everyday to anybody. The more stressful and complicated our lives has become, the more positivity self-help ideas are out there. There are different ways how people deal with their grief. Some do complain more than others.

    Complaining seems to bring out the negative vibes. It is an affirmation that something needs to be changed for the better. I don’t mean that we should complain often. One article describes complaining as “constructive wallowing”. Our human nature tells us that our emotions and feelings are valid as solving our problems to others might not seem to be a feat.

    When we feel physical or emotional pain, do our attitude also changes? Do our relationship with other people get affected when we are hurt? Our hurts are an indication that something is wrong. Beyond the pain, it is difficult to function. It seems that nothing can appease our feelings at the moment. It brings us to realization of what really important in life… its not in the material possessions that we had amassed in our years of working.

    When we realize that we have so much to be thankful for, even the tiniest discomfort will not matter anymore.  Our aches is pain will still be there. Nothing is changed but our perspective of seeing things in a broader picture.

    So is it okay to see the cup as half-empty?  Sometimes, we do have to experience sickness, defeat, failure,emptiness and darkness to see the light. And with the sorrow that accompanies tragedies we also feel comfort. Sadness is an feeling, and so is happiness. There are lessons to be learned and experienced before we get the understanding. It all points to our loving Father for only by His grace, we are living… we are truly alive!

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