• Fast and easy Chocolate low carb Icecream

    Have you been following a low carb dairy free diet? Even if you aren’t, you should give this fast and easy ice cream recipe a try!

    No ice cream maker needed for this smooth, creamy and sugar free healthy dessert.


    You may need to play a bit with the sweeteners and the cocoa ratio to appease your personal preference.

    I use 4 packets of natural stevia and 4 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa

    2 tbsp Cream Cheese

    Stick blender

    2 tsp MCT oil

    2 tbsp sliced almonds for toppings

    1 box of chilled all purpose cream


    Put all ingredients together

    Mix all ingredients together using Stick Blender

    Chill for 3 hours

    Top it with sliced almonds and your favorite light or sugarfree chocolate syrup

     Serve and enjoy

  • Like a Rocking Chair

    When I was young, I kept a journal with inspirational quotes. Little did I know, up to now, the morals that it taught still instill within me. I am still fascinated reading human interests short stories and anecdotes mainly because I never had the patience to finish a novel. Usually I am mainly just interested in the highlights and like to know the ending.

    Our lives is similar to an unfinished novel. Sometimes we like to skip to the happy ending part, when the villains are defeated. Except for the Game of thrones book, all the heroes are perishing. Such a good way to torture the readers,George R.R. Martin!

    I admire quotes and writings from famous humorist and a best selling author, Erma Bombeck . As a newspaper columnist,she wrote serious columns mixing in bits of humor (wikipedia) One of her popular quotes is “Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far”

    Sometimes anxieties get the best of me.  The stress cause serious mental anguish. If you are not careful it can overtake your life. Ridiculous it may sound, some of my legitimate worries are: Worry that your loved one will get kidnapped at the park or at the mall, Or a bomb threat at the train station. Or a stampede at the concert.  Or that the burglars will steal your identity. The constant fear paralyzes me at one point.

    According to statistics, 85% of what we worry never happen. The imagined scenario and exaggeration is more difficult to handle than the situation itself. We have the choice to let go of the worry. Enjoy the moments. A positive outcome of the situation is not always guaranteed.  But it helps to breath deeply.

    God is always in control of the situation. Fear is of the enemy. Some problems may never go away, but we are promised the peace that “passes understanding” (Phil 4:8) amidst the struggles and fear.

    How do you handle worries that are unconsciously disturbing your peace? Would like to hear your insights in the comments below.

  • What is God’s will for your life?

    Everyday, we faced with simple tasks like what to wear or what to eat. We all have been in a crossroad of making important decisions that eventually would alter our situation. Some decisions like what you want to major in college or if you would continue your parents business, whom to date, to get married or stay single, to adopt a child or have children.

    We make decisions based on what we feel is is best for the present situation. Some factors are monetary, health or strength. The choices we make then will definitely have an impact. Not only does it affect our lives it affects others too. The choices we make have a domino effect like where we to the school, who we develop lifelong relationships or how we touch some ones life.

    If we choose to smile when we react to the impatient lady in the queue. If we choose to ignore that person that frown upon us. If we help a person who wronged us, our actions reflect who we are, in tough situations. When we are tired, can we still manage to put on a smile? When our boss is unfair to us, can we still perform our jobs diligently,? Or do we retaliate and mask our sorrow by being mean all day.

    We make plans but only God’s perfect will prevail. When we ask God, our father, for something will he not give a scorpion? We worship God as we pray for He knows our desires before we even ask. We seek for wisdom to know if the gifts will hinder our relationship with God. We shouldn’t feel bad for anything that God has given us. May it be something we want or not. God knows our hearts if we are truly grateful. He knows if our hearts are full of arrogance and self centeredness.

    When no one is looking, are we doing the right thing? Are we honoring God with our thoughts? How we spend our time? Is the way I perform my job honoring him?

    It doesn’t matter what career we choose, what our zip code is, or if we choose to be single or marry. God lead us in situations that may be out of our comfort zone.
    As we seek God, we build a relationship with Him, we do little things for his kingdom. He will take care of the big things. As the song goes, For His strength begins when our’s end.

  • One of them days

    I give myself a pep talk whenever I start my day.  I make a list of things to accomplish, try to keep an organized schedule. I make a mental note on what bills are due and if there are sufficient funds, dinner plans and the lists go on. But things don’t always go the way I want it to be.

    The new work week started with a lot of cancelled appointments, dealing with difficult clients, and comforting a crying child with a gash on his arm. Life becomes so overwhelming sometimes. There are times that I want to throw in the towel. Today is one of them days.

    For some, my troubles may seem insignificant. Some people may say I am over reacting. These are the reasons, I prefer to keep the problems to myself and just wished for it to go away. I know that there are people who truly care. I just don’t want them to think that I am weak. I know that everyone goes through problematic times in their lives at one point or another.

    What if I don’t have to deal with people to get on my last nerves? What if the only people who I encounter are the kind and nice ones? What if I don’t have to deal with failures and struggles? What if all my debts are wiped away? Life would be perfect right?

    The good thing is even the bad things that happen to us will eventually pass. Accepting the reality and that something can be done to alleviate the hurt that we feel. Our lonely feelings are valid. Our brokenness and the hole in our heart can only be filled by the ultimate comforter, the Holy Spirit.  “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)


  • Don’t do Something that you’ll Regret Tomorrow

    Now that it’s summer, to those who are disciplined enough to maintain a clean diet, work out regimen, the time has come to flaunt the body they worked hard for all this time. Hiding the bulges with the oversized sweater won’t be necessary. Summer barbecues, fishing, swimming, outdoor activities means that wearing tank tops, shorts, skirts and outfits that bare a lot of skin are in session too…

    For some people, they are dreading swim suit season! The donuts and Big Mac calories eventually makes its way into the thighs and those unnecessary places. Indulging on the occasional treats became more frequent and uncontrolled. The promise of stepping on a elliptical or starting a workout routine never come through.

    We all know the benefits of eating greens, fruits and drinking tons of fluids are vital for our well-being. But yet, our body craves into the mouthwatering sugar laden goodies that we know that we don’t have any business eating. As the saying goes, everything is okay in moderation. But how do we define moderation? We tend to reward ourselves with a big slice of chocolate cake, or a handful of chips after  eating a bite of lettuce. A little of the indulgence becomes a dangerous habit because we go beyond our limits.

    There is no time for regretting that slice of birthday cake that you devoured last week. We all know that the once slice lead to another. Our body crave for the instant gratification but still not satisfied. The worst feeling is when you feel your body crash after all the inflammation we feed our bodies.

    The road to fitness is a lifestyle change, no easy fix and fad diets. I hope that the quote by Sean Patrick Flanery, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” would be a motivation to start a good habit today.

  • Keto Strawberry Ice Cream

    Take advantage of having strawberries at home with this simple, but creamy strawberry ice cream recipe.

    Cream, cream cheese, and fresh strawberries burst with every bite.


    All purpose cream, Cream Cheese, Natural Stevia, Strawberries

    Hersheys Lite Syrup


    Mix Fresh strawberries, 1 box of all purpose cream, 4 sachets of Natural Stevia, and 2 tbsp Cream cheese using Stick Blender

    Blend for 3-5 minutes

    Chill for 3 Hours


    Top it with strawberry and your favorite Chocolate syrup

    Serve and Enjoy

  • Low Carb Bagnet Chicken Mami

    Experience the awesome taste and delectable flavors of Filipino Food while on Keto diet

    Chicken Mami or Chicken Noodle Soup is a delicious soup dish fit for any weather

    What you need

    Shiritaki Noodles / Konjac Noodles 2 Packs (200 grams per pack)

     1 Large Chicken breast

    6 chicken liver

    Salt, Pepper and 1 knorr Chicken cube

    2 Large Egg, Soy sauce and Olive Oil

    Bagnet (thinly sliced)

    Onion and Garlic


    Baguio Beans

    What to do

    1. Place Chicken breast in a pot, pour in just enough water to cover allow to boil for 5 minutes, add Chicken liver and boil for 5 minutes
    2. Scoop out Chicken Breast and Chicken Liver and move to plate to cool
    3. When cool shred chicken breast and chop chicken liver


    Deep fry thinly sliced Bagnet Ilocos set aside

    Prepare the Noodles

    1. Rinse Shiritaki noodles for 3-5 minutes in running water
    2. Boil water add Shiritaki noodles and boil for 5 Minutes
    3. Drain and toss in Olive oil

    Sauteed Vegetables

    1. Saute Garlic and onion add shredded Chicken breast and Chicken liver
    2. Add Cabbage and Baguio beans
    3. Season it with salt and pepper


    1. Dissolve Chicken cube to leftover water (from the boiled chicken and chicken liver) taste and adjust seasoning (add salt, pepper and soy sauce)
    2. Add 2 Large eggs boil for 2 minutes
    3. Add oiled Shiritaki noodles
    4. Add sauteed vegetables and boil for 2-3 minutes

    Pour Low Carb Chicken Mami in bowl top it with chopped onion and Fried Bagnet

    Serve and enjoy


  • Reconnection

    via Daily Prompt: Retrospective

    Seeing familiar faces on old photographs from your timeline brings back memories of the good ole days. Decades later after graduation, you still remember how simple and carefree life was.

    The child inside of us still desire for the carefree attitude. For some, worrying how to keep up with the academics and extra curricular activities were their utmost concern. During these formative years, camaraderies and belonging to an inclusive group are developed.

    To have child like attitude, naive and un pretentious, is something of the past.  We remember our first failures, first heartaches, embarrassing moments as if it was being magnified. Being recognized and acknowledged for our small successes is an accomplishment in itself.

    We reconnect our past and for a brief moment, feel that same passion we have during our youth. The same drive we had when we want to accomplish something so bad. The memories that we remember are the ones that made an impact in our lives. The worst and the best days and the funny mediocre days.

    We make new memories each day, make it unforgettable by lingering on it a little more…

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