• Forgiving the Debtors

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we were to live debt free? No need to worry about cable bills, mortgage or credit card bills. The monthly bills will pile up if we don’t have a job to sustain our lifestyle.  After all, the bills we incur are reflection of what our needs and wants are.

    The debts and the interests continue to accumulate and therefore make it difficult to pay back. Even basic necessities such as food and medicine becomes harder to afford. Money issues start to take control of our spending habit. Sometimes a person have to choose if he will buy groceries or will skip paying the debt on the gas bill.

    It is wise not to get into debt in the first place. Being responsible to not to buy impulsively and beyond your means is one thing.  But life is very unpredictable. Our paychecks is not guaranteed because of a job loss, accident or sickness. The company that we work for may go bankrupt or the business may be slow.

    Because of unforeseen events, the company that I worked for finally decide they are going to file chapter eleven. It was very frustrating for the both the business owner and all the employees loosing money and their livelihood.  Blaming the owner or the management will only cause resentment for both parties.

    We try our best to work diligently but sometimes our efforts doesn’t always equate to getting paid well. There are employers who are greedy and there are those who are generous. To the generous boss, why is it so easy to give our respect and loyalty? To the inconsiderate boss, it is hard for us to wish them well.

    This experience reminds me that the circumstance may be out of our control, but our reaction to it may bring out a uplifting outlook or develop a negative perspective. Holding a grudge and having regrets will only rob us of true peace. Life goes on, forgive the people who wronged you even if they don’t ask for it. Pray for our debtors. It may not always be the outcome you want, but it is always God’s perfect will that prevails and I am content with that.

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