Karma Chameleon

I can easily hold a grudge, when someone berates, belittles or take advantage of me. I get mad when after all the good things and service I did for this person, I am being accused of being an ingrate. When you are the one who is in need, they will have excuses not to help, … Continue reading Karma Chameleon

What’s Truly Important on Mother’s day — Midlife Lunacies

Receiving hand made cards, flowers, an extra special treatment for special women is always anticipated on Mothers day. The celebration brings sentimentality and deep appreciation to the great women who influenced, nurtured and cared for us. The commercialization aspect of this tradition forces great expectations and unnecessary guilt to strained relationships. To the demented elderly … Continue reading What’s Truly Important on Mother’s day — Midlife Lunacies

Plot Twist

It's another day of struggling. Ruminating thoughts of doom are playing on repeat. When will it end? The future is getting dimmer by the minute. Thank God we are still getting by. Our sanity is hanging by the thread. Where are we getting next months payment for our rent? As our debts keep piling up, … Continue reading Plot Twist

“Good job”

I never stop telling my son "good job" whenever he accomplish an ordinary routine or simple task like remembering to brush his teeth without any prompting, answering his homework independently, finishing his dinner plate, swallowing bitter medicine, keeping basic manners and saying his graces. How would you feel if somebody told you that "You are … Continue reading “Good job”


Today is unlike any other day, you are stuck in a limbo, In an endless twilight loop Collecting your thoughts rationally. Still,there wasn't any clue.   So this is how it feels like to be trapped, with nowhere else to run, It is getting worse before it gets better. Being helpless is not an easy … Continue reading despair

The Givers

In this time of financial hardship, it is hard to think of others, when you yourself is in need. In our own little ways, we can give a piece of ourselves. It may not be much, but it will be a lot when it will come from our hearts. Because He first love us, whatever … Continue reading The Givers

Eye on the Prize

One day, turned to another week, another month has passed since the simultaneous cancellations of all non-essential activities and government mandated lockdown worldwide. The glimmer of hope for the vaccine is at least for another year. There are not enough evidence that the anti-viral medications they propose are effective. The PPES and disinfectants are still … Continue reading Eye on the Prize

How to be happy

What is the secret to lasting happiness? Is it having a doting family, having a secured job? financial security?  a good portfolio? successful career? having a good business that will not fail and carry you through all the economic distress? having no worry? good health? being vegan? popularity?having a sense of pride, respect, appreciation? being … Continue reading How to be happy


My aunt passed earlier this week. I wonder how she felt in her last waking moments? Did she felt scared? alone? is she at peace? I haven't seen or talked to her since four years ago when we came back home for a visit. What I do remember is when we were young, me, my … Continue reading Solitude


This social isolation situation has me dumbfounded and second guessing myself. So many emotions. The days that had flown by, for me, can either be described as okay and not so okay days. Some days, I have the energy to to productive tasks, other days, I have to force myself to shower. In, between days … Continue reading Choices